Family owned and operated since 1947

Providing residents of South Lake Tahoe with utility water service

Lukins Brothers Water Company is a Class C water company
regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission

We serve predominately residential and commercial customers

Lukins Water LBWC


LBWC customers can now VIEW and PAY accounts online! To take advantage of this new feature visit the Customer Portal.

  • Through this portal you can view your current account balance and past bills, monthly usage and pay your bill online. Avoid costly late fees by utilizing the convenience of this new feature.
  • Your name and any necessary information¬†will need to be entered EXACTLY as it appears on your bill.
  • Online payments are subject to a 3% payment processing fee.

If you are experiencing difficulties registering...

  1. Make sure you entered your contact information EXACTLY as it appears on your bill.
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  3. Allow pop-up for this site.