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Lukins Brothers Water Company, Inc. territory is situated between South Tahoe Public Utility District and Tahoe Keys Homeowners Association in South Lake Tahoe.

LBWC is dedicated to completing system upgrades in order to continue to provide our customers with clean, reliable drinking water. In efforts to do this, while minimizing the cost to our customers we are diligently working to receive state and federal grants. LBWC continues to upgrade the distribution system annually.

Water System Rehabilitation and Replacement

Phase 1 was completed in 2014. This project replaced existing 4-inch water mains with 12-inch water mains, and increased fire protection within our system by 40%, and water meters for approximately 10% of customers.

Phase 2 is expected to begin in 2021/2022. This project extends the replacement of 4-inch water mains with 12-inch water mains, hydrants and meters in the James Avenue area. This project is pending funding from State of California Department of Water Resources, State Revolving Funding Program.

Current and Future Project Information
Metering Project. In efforts to comply with regulations requiring all water systems to convert to meters by 2025, Lukins has applied for State of California department of Water Resources, State Revolving Funding Program funds, this project is currently pending funding. In addition to this, Lukins is in the process of converting flat rate customers to meters through smaller projects.

GAC Treatment Plant. Lukins Brothers Water Company (LBWC) is happy to announce that funding for the construction of LBWC’s GAC Treatment Plant Project at Well #5 has been provided in full by a Proposition 68 grant through an agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board. The facility is expected to be online in May 2021.