LBWC would like to thank our customers for your continued efforts in conserving water. California is currently facing yet another drought cycle, so water conservation regulations remain in place to help mitigate future water shortages.  Your continued cooperation and support is needed to ensure reliable supplies of water for your comfort and necessary use.

Visit these websites for helpful water saving tips:

LBWC participates in water conservation programs through a cooperative partnership with South Tahoe Public Utility District. Customers interested in taking advantage of incentive programs are urged to contact South Tahoe PUD Water Conservation Department at (530) 544-6474.


kids in sprinkler LBWC

Summer Water Tips:

Watering Days: Even number street addresses water Monday and Thursday. Odd number street addresses water Tuesday and Friday. NO landscape irrigation on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

Lawn Watering Tips: No watering between the hours of 7 a.m and 7 p.m. Water lawns for 10 minutes per sprinkler zone.

  • Install a working stop & drain. A working stop & drain is required on all homes, and allows homeowners the ability to turn off water to your home.
  • Use a broom instead of water to clean driveways, decks and other surfaces.
  • Do not allow sprinklers and hoses to overflow into streets and adjacent properties.
  • While washing your vehicle, boats, trailers, etc. use a bucket and flow control spray nozzle on your hose.
  • Report water waste and leaks to Lukins Brothers Water at (530) 541-2606 or info@lukinswater.com
winter cabin LBWC

Winter Water Tips:

  • Insulate exposed pipes and faucets. Also insulate pipes in garage and laundry areas.
  • Winterize sprinkler systems and disconnect outside hoses.
  • Mark shut off valve and stop & drain. Keep clear of snow, in the event emergency water shut off is required.
  • Fill any holes in windows, doors and walls that are near exposed pipes.
  • In the event your pipes freeze, call a licensed plumber.
  • Unoccupied homes need to have thermostat set to at least 55 degrees. Leave cupboards open to expose pipes to heat.